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  About Us  







   The GC Stanley Team    


GC Stanley  is a highly experienced company, offering many powerful solutions.   We are passionate about our work, and the partnerships we have with our clients.   We treat these

partnerships very seriously. We nurture them. Protect them. And strive to always exceed expectations with integrity and professionalism.  We have worked hard to gain the the trust and respect

of our clients and our track record shows it, we have  grown  and developed dramatically over the past 18 years.    We fully invest ourselves into your projects success.


Get to know us better: we believe you’ll feel very confident that your project is in highly-capable hands. Our core values, culture, processes, best practices, affiliations are all here for your review.


    Keys To Our Success  

The key to our success is  through our core values, training, ongoing development of our team environment, defining who we are and how we perform our work..


Key Ingredients to our Success-

  • Leadership

  • Team Development

  • Education

  • Training

  • Communications

  • Professionalism

  • Organization

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Procedure Development

  • Good Relationships

  • Recruitment

  • Community

We have a vision and we are on a mission to be a successful  energy and communications construction services provider through development and implementation of scalable and consistent systems that will deliver predictable results.

Our Team's success is derived from their own confidence and  entrepreneurial spirit, which is shown by the integrity they exhibit on every project. Clients can be rest assured that   GC Stanley will deliver what they need, when they need it.


    Our Safety Record      

GC Stanley is proud of its' safety record of zero work related accidents or workman's compensation claims over the last three years.  We take safety seriously and we are committed to

providing a safe and healthy work place to our employees as well as our clients.  Our staff is trained and required to conduct weekly scheduled safety meetings as well as daily observation of

operations, safety discussions prior to working with equipment or tools,  it is in our culture to create an atmosphere of safety awareness for our employees, jobsite client and public safety.  Our

employees are our most valuable asset, we provide them with all the right tools, equipment, training, support and guidance to work safely everyday allowing them to return home to their families.

GC Stanley is a drug free workplace and we administer regular drug and alcohol testing as well as educational programs.  Proactive education is essential to are safety performance..


Key Elements to a Safe Environment

  • Safety training

  • Safety Manual

  • Reviewing past incidents and practices

  • Job specific safety plans

  • Weekly toolbox safety meetings

  • Daily job safety briefings

  • Safety Rewards

  • Regular site visits

  • Emergency response procedures

Our 2013 EMR is .85 and we will strive to continue a record of safety

We make safety our number one priority and a team effort, our employees understand that not only their safety but the safety of others lays in their hands.


    Our  Commitment      

Since our founding Mr. Stanley has worked hard, laying out our commitment, our principals, defining  our mission, our culture and our way of doing  business.  He understands the importance of hiring

the best of the best, providing the required training and works hard on defining the company's recruitment techniques to accomplish the task.  He is committed to his clients so therefore he is

committed to the development of GC Stanley's inner business core.   We must learn to communicate well, be consistent, predictable with an emphasis on quality and safety.  These principals

accomplished will breed opportunity and create an atmosphere that attracts people of the like mindset.  Meeting these accomplishments can only bring great success and prosperity to the company

and it's employees.  Our clients need to be delighted by our actions.


  Bio and History of Our President and Founder    

GC Stanley, Inc. was founded in 1995 by its President and CEO Mr. Gary C. Stanley. Mr. Stanley a native of South Florida had relocated to Lake County taken in by its beautiful surroundings and casual life style. With him he brought over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry. Mr. Stanley had successfully completed many large projects and worked in management with several major electrical contractors over the years. He has been involved in the construction and the completion of many commercial buildings, water and waste water treatment plants, health care facilities, installation of traffic signals, roadway lighting systems, sports lighting systems, airport lighting systems, power plants and rapid transit systems just to name a few.   In 1980 Mr. Stanley was hired by Bryant Electric Co. supervising the construction of  twenty-one traction power substations to power the third rail a 20 million dollar electrical contract, the project would last over three years.  Several years later he returned to the rail when he took a job with JP Electrical Contractors constructing the new Tri-Rail Metro-Rail Station that was being added between two existing stations.  Mr. Stanley supervised the installation of the train control, SCADA, PBX, CCTV a data carrier systems as well as the power, emergency power and lighting systems it was a major electrical project, during the original rail construction their were multiple contractors and the work was split up under different contracts, this project was performed under one contract by one electrical contractor.

Though Mr. Stanley had come up as a hands on guy and spent much of his career working as an electrician, project foreman and project superintendent, later in life he switched his career into estimating and project management working for several large contractors prior to relocating to Lake County.  It was with this background that Mr. Stanley founded GC Stanley, Inc.. Since, he has worked hard to recruit employees who have the desire to build a solid future. He promotes electrical apprenticeship training. His philosophy is to provide ongoing training to help employees reach success in their business and their personal lives.  He achieves these goals not only trough apprenticeship training, but spends his days developing systems, fine tuning operational procedures and meeting with his staff on a regular basis.  He gives his employees not only the tools of steel they need but the mental tools as well.  He wants to be sure they understand the key to their success lies on the success of our clients and the importance of making it a priority to insure the not only the clients needs are not only met but their expectations are exceeded as well.  Having the all the right tools is the key.